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November 17, 2009 444 comments

Q: I made a job listing on rent-a-coder for someone to make an Appulous knockoff for my site. Kyek accepted the job under another name and pwned me :(. But we’re cool now. Who am I?
A: Pr0x

Q: You ssh into your phone and need to make a symlink from “cow” to “chicken”. Type the command.
A: Ln -s cow chicken

Q: What parent company hosted

Q: I wrote this command-line app to take revenge on those trying to sell cracked apps.
A: Grabulous

Q: I was part of the team that discovered how to crack apps. My name is ________-fr.
A: iceman

Q: Who was the first person to start mass-cracking “self-aware” apps? (Transmit your answer in unison, K?)
A: panik

Q: Who did Labrat attempt to con into writing a private Appulous clone for his website?
A: andydam

Q: If the permissions are r-xrwxrwx, who can’t write?
A: owner

Q: ‘Salad fork is slightly _______ ‘ ?
A: forky

Q: To whom did SaladFork turn over the Crackulous project?
A: `Angel

Q: Who leaked the original Crackulous source code?
A: cdecl

Q: What feature of PHP 5.3 does Appulous make the most use of in itsdatabase system?
A: Late static binding

Q: The Appulous test servers, on which new backend code and server configs are tested semi-publicly before moving to production, are provided by what company?
A: Amazon

Q: Approximately how many douchebags are trying to promote their lame websites, youtube accounts, and duplicate facebook groups by claiming they have the answers to these questions?
B: over 9,000

Q: B00sted4fun’s Russian repo was hosted by what company
A: Dreamhost

Q: What was the name of the app written specifically for downloading and installing IPAs from the b00sted4fun repository, and who wrote it? Answer in the format “APPNAME by AUTHOR

Q: Who ran the most successful and largest IPA site before Appulous?
A: B00sted4fun (two zeros)

Q: This domain name got popular when the site admin started bundling IPA files into torrents and advertised his website in them.

Q: When Appulous was tiny, it ran on a VPS provided by (Rhymes with SnapsBoasting)
A: bapshosting

Q: I work for Apple’s law firm and have been trying to get Appulous shut down since the beginning. I wish I was better at my job :(. What’s Kyek’s nickname for me?
A: rammy

Q: Who is the cracker most credited with discovering the cracking method we use today?
A: lsemtex

Q: Who was the admit of Hackstore?
A: Labrat

Q: The very first public forum dedicated specifically to iPhone 2.0 app cracking was hosted at
A: haklabs

Q: What did appulous start off as
A: Geniusblog

Q: Four letters. Who am I?
A: Keyk